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Splitting Pairs: Blackjack Strategy

Learning how to split pairs properly is an excellent way to enhance the value of your blackjack playing experience in a online casino. We are going to take a look at the numbers to show you when you want to split, and when you should leave them be.

The benefits of splitting are obvious: you get more bets on the table – and when the situation is right, that means you can double your winnings. When playing live blackjack, some players are apprehensive about splitting – because of pressure from other players – but online, you are free to play progressive blackjack as you want.

Here are the basic rules for splitting:

Always split Aces – almost 31% of the cards in the deck are 10 or over. What’s better than getting 2 blackjacks? Not much. Be aware that when you do split your aces, you will only get 1 card for each ace, with no chance to hit again.

Always Split 8s – having a hand of 16 is far from ideal. Splitting 8s allows you to get out of that situation and into a more favorable one. Consider that you have a 65% chance of busting when you hit 16. Take the split instead of the risk.

Never Split 10s – Unless you are on a maniac hot streak, splitting face cards or 10s is not good strategy. It’s unlikely that you will improve your situation, so just be happy with the 20.

Never Split 5s – this should go without saying, but hitting on 10 is a no-risk situation. Starting with 10 is a great position and you should hit (or double down in appropriate situations).

Other Cards: when you have the chance to split 3/4/6, you should look at the dealer’s hand. If they have a potential bust card, then split away. Try getting some value out of the situation by putting more chips in play.

Now you’re ready to play and split like a pro. Start to play blackjack now!

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