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Reviewing the Bingo Review Site

The sheer number of gaming sites online makes it seemingly impossible to choose between them. Any new player faced with such a myriad would be forgiven for turning away in dismay at the sheer scale of their task ahead. Even with many resource directories online, it can be difficult to know which of these is the best to choose, or indeed what to look out for once one is chosen. New players should be advised that there are certain key things for which to look out that mark good review sites out from those that milk the mediocre.


One of the key factors for which new players should look out on a review site is the detail in which they describe the offers and promotions available at any sites. Often, new players will be heading for free bingo games over high-priced cards. Bingo sites will offer a host of these, all of which should be detailed thoroughly on game directories.


It is fair to say that if promotions are the main factor in enticing players to a bingo provider, it is the gameplay that plays the largest part in keeping them there. Site directories should describe the kind of action players can expect from a site, with a list of the top five or ten games on offer, while also describing the kind of software and technology used. It may be Greek to many new players, but it is useful when playing games and making mental notes as to what to expect from certain software developers. It is often also helpful to see screen shots next to the games listed – an easy addition for site directories.

Social features

It is no exaggeration to suggest that social networks are the 20th century's biggest success. They have revolutionized the way in which we not only interact with each other, but also the way in which we enjoy our favourite pastimes. The best online bingo providers have placed sociability at the core of their sites, and directories will often list the ways in which players can interact with each other and the steps providers take to promote this aspect of their games.


For many bingo players, the most important aspect of the game is the fun to be had during and around play. Comparison sites should reflect the down-to-earth nature of bingo sites in language and style, and give an overall rating based on the above criteria coupled with the “fun feeling” that a site conveys. The chances are that a site on which players enjoy themselves will be a successful one, and one that will place highly in all directories.

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